February 19, 2015

Jaime Fox is teaming up with longtime friends, Travis Trout and Chad Trout, writing and performing new music as a band called "The Desert Okies." Jaime, Travis, Chad, and bassist Danny Bennett have played together frequently over the years and are now joining creative forces for new musical projects. You may recognize Chad Trout as a frequent background vocalist for Jaime, and you can hear him singing harmony on many of Jaime's past recordings. The Desert Okies recently filmed a music video for their latest single, "I Can't See in the Dark" to be released in March. Look for new music this year from this creative crew!


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February 19, 2015

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Nashville, TN
June 7 Storme Warren's Nashville Navy Celebration TBD 5PM Doors open 4PM Nashville, TN
June 8 Fox Fan Luncheon TBD 730 PM Nashville, TN